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I create clean, customized comedic & entertaining presentations  that are tailored to a company's culture & message for any particular event, function or meeting.


Other Things I Do 

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Improv Business Workshops

  • Gag Keynote Speaker

  •  Cowboy Sheriff Arrest-A-Guest

  • Wacky Characters

  • Public Speaking Coach

  • Impostor Employee 

  • Arrest-A-Guest

  • Private Bartending

Say, ‘YES’ to  leveraging the power of humor, team-building, innovation, effective communication & YOU!”


Business & Sales



“Sean has a creative & engaging method of taking a sales team through the sales process using improv techniques that increased our morale, speaking skills & productivity. ” John Hodges, Zip Recruiter

Participants will learn to:

  • Learn to use Humor as a Powerful Business Tool

  • Build Collaboration, Morale & Teamwork

  • Improve Public Speaking Skills & Stage Presence

  • Build Customer Relationship Skills

  • Develop Out of the Box Thinking

  • Support Adaptation & Innovation

  • Overcome Stage Fright

  • Enhance Focus,  Concentration & Cognitive Skills

  • and so much more


1.5-2 HR WORKSHOPS @ Your location 

Recent Happy Clients

“'Hoylarious', your way with an audience and your quick wit is second to none. Our Expos are true successes because your enthusiasm & dynamic personality are contagious ."

Chuck Morales , Director of Events

Times Media, AZ


About Hoylarious 

Business Humor Consultant & Entertainer, Sean Hoylarious Hoy is a top choice for companies that want clean, customized comedy & entertainment that is tailored to their brand, culture and message for any particular event, function or meeting.


"Hiring Hoylarious was like having our very own in-house creativity and humor department. He not only blended in with staff members, he listened to us to create a tasteful, hilarious presentation that our whole company thoroughly enjoyed.”-Mark Grossman, Sales Director, NMH Financial


His ability to be funny, clean, creative and personable has led to over 1500 successful events, improv business workshops, gag keynote addresses and many other customized presentations for a variety of Fortune 500 Companies ,  small businesses,  industry conferences along with a plethora of non-profits and both private & public events.


Sean believes that laughter and happiness are universal and provide a plethora of financial, relationship & mental and physical health benefits for people. But there are many roads to get that smile, giggle or chuckle. Sean merely guides people and businesses how to get there in their own way.


If you would like to know more or would like to book Sean for a gig and/or as a guest on your podcast or show, call or email.

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